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Free standing fireplaces arrow Free standing fireplace Totem White

Free standing fireplace Totem White

Free standing fireplace Totem White
Usually ships in: on question
Price: 549 € 16 539 Sk
Dimensions: 39,5x106,6cm(WxHxD)
Material: Stainless steel+Steel
Colour: White
/ any RAL colour for a surcharge 66 € /
Burner: 1x cup
2-3 kW according to the setting
Lenght of burning: 3-6 hr according to the setting
Volume of the burner: 1,2L
Weight: 25 kg
Protective glass: Yes

Certificate: Yes
/the fireplace complies with all material test certificates of the the EU, has security certificates and is made of materials of high quality/
Guarantee: 10 years
/if the fireplace stops working within 10 years, will repair or replace it free of charge/

A free standing fireplace which you simply pull to any wall.
  • Simply extinguishing

The price includes:

  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Stylish lighter
  • Extinguisher of the fire with flame regulation
  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting brackets
  • Possibility to order remote control

Additional services:

-manufacture of the fireplace
-the hearth
-the Assembly of the bio-fireplace
2.3 7304

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