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If you are not able to find in our store the requested design of a Bioalcohol fireplace, simply send us a picture (scanned from a magazine, downloaded from the Web or your draft), on which base we will make a fireplace according to your idea.

We have developed for you unique Bioalcohol, what you will recognize in a few minutes of a fireplace operation. It is specially designed to prevent a smell in the room, which is not the rule for all Bioalcohols.

You will not be able to distinguish between our offered hand made ceramic pieces of firewood and wooden pieces.

We supply our fireplaces with accessories, which are not offered by other manufacturers, namely:
  • a suspensory corner make and a free-standing fire places for minimal extra fee,
  • with suspensory fire places you will receive a bracket for corner mounting,
  • we will make a free standing fire place in a corner variant,
  • we are able to stain the wooden corpus of a fireplace at a free-standing fire places according to the color of your furniture, only what we need is a sample (door, shelf, piece of your furniture), which will be returned with the ordered fire place.

In the case of serious interest in buying the bioalcohol grill, we will personnally demonstrate it to you in your home, free of charge.

Terms of Service

In the event you purchased a bioethanol fireplace which does not suit your design needs, you may exchange it at our store. The exchange may take place under the condition that you return the unused purchased fireplace in its original packaging and select a fireplace in either the same or greater value than that of the originally purchased fireplace.

If you have trouble ordering via e-shop, or e-mail, it is posible ordered fireplace, or accessories to order by phone, tel. number: +421 917 471 787

When ordering 18L (and more) bio-alcohol is a free shiping in Slovakia.
When ordering 27L (and more) is also free shipping in the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.