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Hanging Fireplaces arrow Hanging Fireplace Signa 110

Hanging Fireplace Signa 110

Hanging Fireplace Signa 110
Usually ships in: 09/2020
Price: 499 € 15 033 Sk
Dimensions: 110x50x30cm (WxHxD)
Material: Rustless combined with steel
Colour: Black-anticor
//any RAL colour for a surcharge 66€/
Burner: 1x, with built-in regulation
Performace: 1-3kW according to the setting
Lenght of burning: 2-6hr according to the setting
Volume of the burner: 1l
Weight: 11kg
Protective glass: Yes
Inside parabola: No/possible to buy it for 166€/
Surfaces for installation:
Brick wall,panel, concrete.

Certificate: Yes
/the fireplace complies with all material test certificates of the the EU, has security certificates and is made of materials of high quality/
Guarantee: 10 years
/if the fireplace stops working within 10 years, will repair or replace it free of charge/

  • You can simply hang it instead of a picture
  • It can be easily moved from one room to another.
  • Special safety clambing system
  • No maintenance, only regular cleaning
  • It can be modified in any colour

The price includes:

  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Delivery of the fireplace to your home
  • Extinguisher with flame control
  • Mounting kit
  • Brackets for mounting
  • Possibility to use free services of a design consultant

Possibility to order a remote control:

  • Remote ignition-290€
  • Remote filling of the burner-290 €
  • Remote extinction of the burner-290 Euro
  • Adjustable flame 3 levels-299€
  • Level indicator-190 € /serves to indicate the amount of bio-alkohol in the jerrycan/10-piece scale)
  • Remote control via mobile phone-190 € (Iphone or android)
  • Control sensor CO2-190€
  • Preheating of alcohol-190 € (used for problemfree ignition of bio-alkohol in cooler conditions than the room temperature)
  • Switching-on and switching-off timer-190 €
  • Maintainining temperature-190€ (in a room with an external sensor)
  • Sound of the fire-190 € (very realistic imitation of the sound of burning and crackling)
  • Connection of the fireplace to the control unit-190 € (smart home)
  • Baterry connection to 12V-190 Euro(normally the fireplace connects to 220V and subsequently by a transformers to 12v)
  • Remote control significantly inccreases operating comfort and safety of manipulation
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Hanging Fireplace Signa 110
Hanging Fireplace Signa 110
Hanging Fireplace Signa 110
Hanging Fireplace Signa 110