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How it works

Beauty and neatness of an open fireplace was related to a chimney connection, to a laboured storage of wood, to a necessary liquidation of ash and to precise cleaning of chimney parts.

The company Biokamin s.r.o., puts on the market a new generation of a live fire.

You do not need a chimney, wood, you do not have troubles with a smoke, no harmful waste products are created, and you do not need to care about falling sparks, soots, or dirt.

Our fireplaces burn special bioalcohol modified to burn in a lovely yellow flame without a smoke and harmful combustion products. They are dedicated for moments of entertainment in your flat, winter garden, house, office, restaurant, or cottage. After unpacking and standing them they are immediately usable. You need just to fire it by a fireplace lighter and you can relish an open fire and comfortable heat. So our fireplace provides not only optical joy from a live fire, but it will also warm up your home with the capacity of cca 3 - 4 kW what is sufficient for heating up of one room.

You do not need to worry about combustion produsts from burning, because the result of bioalcohol burning is only CO2 and H2O, so carbon dioxide and water, that is what a person breathes out. For a comparision – the produced amount of CO2 is the same as what two burners in your gas cooker produce. No smell is created during burning and by putting an aromatic bowl with an odour on a fireplace you can also create any odour.

With investments to our fireplace you will create a magic atmosphere in your flat and the burning flames will charge you up with energy.

Fireplaces can be adapted by any RAL colour in cca 240 shades (every colour can be in dull or glossy version and in fine or rough structure).

Bioalcohol consumption: 1 liter burns cca 3 - 6 hours (depends on a type and setting of the burner).

At optimum setting of the burner one hour of burning will costs only 0,48 EUR including VAT.

If you have your own idea of an ideal fireplace, arrange a meeting and after considering technical possibilities and functions of the fireplace we will manufacture a fireplace according to your wishes.