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Bioalcohol grills arrow Grill 0 6.3 0000

Grill 0 6.3 0000

Grill 0 6.3 0000
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Price: 249 € 7 501 Sk
Dimensions: 30x52x30cm (WxHxD)
Material: Steel+teflon
Colour: Black
Burner: 2 piece
Performace: 1,5-3kW according to the setting
Lenght of burning: 1-2hr according to the setting
Volume of the burner: 2x0,33l
Weight: 7kg
The capacity of the servings: 3 servings/0, 5hrs.
The financial demands of grilling: 0,15 EUR/portion

Certificate: Yes
/the fireplace complies with all material test certificates of the the EU, has security certificates and is made of materials of high quality/
Guarantee: 4 years
/if the fireplace stops working within 4 years, will repair or replace it free of charge/

  • No smoke or soot : the byproducts of the burning of alcohol are only whay you exhale, there is no smoke or soot.
  • No carcinogens : the fat drips onto a cooled plate, not on the source of the fire, as is the case in normal grills
  • Healthiest way of cooking meat : no need to put the meat into oil or marinades to make it quickly and easily cookable, this applies also to fish meat and semi-products.
  • The meat does not dry up : the bioalcohol turns into steam, thanks to which it does not take the moisture out of the meat, therefore the meat is not dried up as is the case in other grills, but stays juicy, no other grill has this advantage.
  • Evenly roasted meat : the meat is roasted evenly from all sides. Meat is fried to crispy, not just cooked.
  • Financially inexpensive : the cost of grilling is 0.15 EUR/portion
  • Extensive use (balcony, terrace, nature, living room)
  • In the case of serious interest in buying the bioalcohol grill, we will personnally demonstrate it to you in your home, free of charge.
The price includes:
  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Stylish lighter
  • Extinguisher of the fire
  • Cup for the dripping of grease
* This grill is protected by patent, any imitation of this product is a crime.*


Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000
Grill 0 6.3 0000